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Besides the exhibition of mobility innovations and trends, EUROBIKE offers its visitors a wide range of conferences, workshops and networking formats. EUROBIKE thus offers an incomparable platform for the exchange of expertise, best practices and industry-relevant insights, and creates spaces for meetings and the establishment of new contacts.


Tracks of the EUROBIKE 2024 conferences

Hello Future. Hello Transformation. This is the motto of the Eurobike trade program. Together with the umbrella organizations of the bike industry (CIE, CONEBI, VSF, ZIV, Zukunft Fahrrad), a program was curated in close cooperation that integrates the needs of the entire ecosystem and sets the course for necessary changes. At the same time, there is a strong focus on communicative reach and political and social impact at regional, transnational and international level.

Six topics in particular will define the conferences. These topics are constantly played out in a triad of knowledge transfer, exchange formats and networking events as part of the conference program.

Innovation is key. The industry has mastered the shift to electrification with aplomb. But especially in the age of efficiency, technological innovations are essential for new business models. This results in innovative products, services and bright prospects for the future - Eurobike sets the stage for these innovations.

Digital services and business models will determine the future of the sector. However, processes in companies, industry, specialist retailers and the entire ecosystem are also being digitalized and thus made more efficient. Data streams are compared and new insights are aggregated from them.

Sustainability is viewed holistically at the Business Days conferences and can be found in all topics. However, sustainability is the common narrative, particularly with regard to the design of socially and climate-friendly mobility, production, materials, supply chains and recycling, as well as diversity.

The mobility transition also needs a change in people's minds. How can new user groups be convinced to use bicycles as a means of transportation? Whether cargo bikes in logistics or the last mile. Get inspired! Through good stories, innovative products and services or best practices from other sectors.

Specialty retail in its various forms is a key player in the industry. From the boutique business to the large eCommerce player. Together, we look at the intersections, opportunities in the business model and necessary transformative steps.

The industry is exciting for young talents, both in terms of its transformation and its content. However, the shortage of skilled labour is particularly acute in the skilled trades sector. How can we make the industry even more attractive, open it up to diverse and varied perspectives and thus ensure participation? In this track, we focus on the people in the industry and the customer experience.

Preview of the 2024 conference program

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

The business press conference and press tour, followed by the BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION, will get EUROBIKE 2024 off to a flying start. The theme of the BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION is nothing less than the transformation of the bicycle industry: what steps do we need to take to create a sustainable, future-proof industry?

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

How is the cycling sector currently doing? How are challenges in the system prescribed and how do we manage to talk about issues in a collaborative, united and relevant way? Whether services, regulations, sustainability and circularity efforts - industry solutions are needed that require a common discourse.

These and many other questions on the topic of future products, services and business models of the bicycle sector will be discussed at the START-UP & INNOVATION DAY (SUI) at EUROBIKE.

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

The MOBILITY CONVENTION on Thursday will focus on the "growing markets" in the bicycle industry. We understand growth here in many facets: as an economic factor, but also as an approach to increasing the number of cyclists. We show the power of the bicycle as a driving force for the economy, health, social cohesion and diversity.

Eurobike Media Days - Kronplatz..© Armin Walcher

Specialist retailers are and will remain one of the most relevant players at the interface between industry and customers. Between large chains and boutiques, the shortage of skilled workers and new working models are the dominant topics. But AI is also finding its way into retail and online retail. The focus is always on the customer experience and how this can be designed in a targeted manner.

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

What can an entry into the bicycle and mobility industry look like? What further training opportunities are on offer? What does New Work mean for specialist retailers and the industry? And what demands will the generation of future employees place on their working environment? Together with Verbund Service Fahrrad (VSF), EUROBIKE is organizing the Career Center in the foyer of Hall 12 to answer important questions about further training and career opportunities in the bicycle and mobility sector.

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

Modern cargo bikes and e-load bikes are an exciting growth market. Sales figures and model diversity are growing rapidly. New commercial and private forms of use are developing - from transporting children to heavy transport on the Euro pallet. The CARGO ACADEMY offers a prominent forum for professional exchange on the opportunities and challenges of the cargo bike boom.

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

For interested investors who are looking for investments or cooperation opportunities in the trend markets bike and mobility, we offer an ideal opportunity for dialogue. Circumstances and timing could not be more appropriate. 

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

The BIKE TRAVEL Forum - EUROBIKE's tourism conference format - is focusing on strategic topics this year. Why we need to deal with future strategies right now and how they can be implemented at different organizational levels. We will take a look at cycling strategies and discuss concepts for a car-free vacation. Always keeping the entire ecosystem between industry, users and tourism in mind.


EUROBIKE invites you to the pink carpet for the second time! The Networking Dinner on Thursday offers a mixture of networking with interesting industry leaders, prominent personalities, great food, live music and a location with history - the Massif Cental in the heart of Frankfurt. The moderated networking dinner rounds off the Thursday of the Business Days.

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