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Saddle up in the DEMO AREA and test bikes on the TEST TRACK powered by BAFANG. 

Product presentations and data sheets whet the appetite, but they are no substitute for a test ride. That's why EUROBIKE's DEMO AREA offers the opportunity to try out all kinds of new bikes in the fresh air and experience real riding fun.

To take your test experience to a whole new level, we have even made the TEST TRACK twice as long this year! Even sporty bikes can now be pushed a little closer to their performance limits with longer straights, including the Street of Nations, an incline in the parking garage and even a ramp.

Registration for test rides

On the TEST TRACK, which this year is over 3.5 km long, you have the unique opportunity to try out the latest models directly. From scooters and (e-)bikes to light electric vehicles - here you can experience everything up close and test it yourself!

To be able to use the TEST TRACK and avoid waiting times, please register in advance.


Insightful test rides:

What's the truth about the season's trends?
Test rides at EUROBIKE are an opportunity to confirm expectations in a practical way or to refute preconceptions. This is where curiosity can be acted out. How does a fatbike or a recumbent bike actually ride? A look beyond the horizon is always worthwhile. In a direct comparison of supposedly very similar bikes, it quickly becomes clear how small or large the differences actually are.


Open air grounds become a test track

The TEST TRACK powered by BAFANG offers the unique opportunity to test ride and compare a huge selection of bikes that are available nowhere else in such variety. Fun machine or hope of the mobility transition - the offer ranges from sporty racing bikes, gravel and mountain bikes to e-bikes, everyday and cargo bikes. Interested parties can try out which model and size fits best and which bike brings the biggest smile to their face.