A whole day dedicated to innovation and transformation in the bike industry. A day for innovators, developers and leaders.


The Industry & Start-Up Day takes place in a time of flux and change. The European Cycling Declaration was drawn up to act as a vision for the bicycle industry and calls for strong industrial partnership. However, the innovation drivers are coming primarily from research and young start-up companies, who we give the stage to here. We see innovation and transformation as an opportunity, in the sense of the transition pathways, to develop a more and more sustainable industry, but also to introduce much needed change in the service sector and retail trade.

If you are involved in company development, product design or executive leadership, don’t miss this day at EUROBIKE.

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

The EUROBIKE Industry and Start-Up Day is all about the current state of the bike ecosystem. Bike manufacturers are in a challenging phase, while bike service providers are posting record turnover. The Industry- und Start-Up Day covers the entire spectrum of the bike ecosystem from production to retail, from leasing to bike sharing. Ultimately, it’s macroeconomic figures from the bike sector and seeing how cycling is an economic booster that are most relevant to decision makers.

However, we want to address more than just the present situation. It’s also important to look to the future. What is going to affect the bike ecosystem – in Europe and at an international level.

With the European Cycling Declaration, the transition pathways and other regulation measures in the areas of batteries and sustainability, the discussion is all about how the bike sector can meet the needs of companies involved, while and simultaneously offering a high degree of reliability, profitability and safety.

The day of conferences closes with the EUROBIKE Award ceremony and announcement of the respective winners.

The Industry & Start-Up Day will take place on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on the Pink Stage and Yellow Stage, ECOMOBILITY Forum, Hall 8.



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