Small, versatile and economical commercial vehicles – there are many excellent mobility solutions for professional trades, facility services, gardening and landscaping. 

Traffic jams, streets parked full, narrow roads, rear courtyards, and also carbon footprints – the ECOMOBILITY TALKS explore active, electric-powered, space-saving and environmentally-friendly commercial vehicles to transport equipment and materials to, from and at work. 

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

In the ECOMOBILITY TALKS we focus on solutions for the diverse mobility requirements in municipalities, trade and industry. These versatile fine mobility vehicles offer exciting, innovative and sustainable solutions for small businesses or fleet management. We look at the prevailing conditions and the next steps needed to re-energize the sector and actively bring it to the streets. The market overview provides orientation and classification, and we take a closer look at individual solutions.

The ECOMOBILITY Talks are a must for anyone in operational fleet management, trade and industry or working in municipalities.

The Ecomobility Talks will take place on Thursday, July 4, 2024, between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm on the Pink Stage, Ecomobility Forum, Hall 8.

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