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How do we really get change and the growth connected to it on the streets – this is the central question addressed by the Mobility Convention on EUROBIKE Thursday.

How do we get more people on bikes? This is the fundamental question that the EUROBIKE Mobility Convention addresses. The morning sessions take stock with an open and transparent look at current challenges, the afternoon sessions discuss solutions to complex problems. Combining practical ideas with visionary thinking – in an innovative and inspirational reflection process. In a collaborative approach involving all players in the bike ecosystem. After all, accessibility to cycling is the central issue that unites all parties.

"To promote cycling, local authorities and the economy must work together more closely."

Ein Fahradfahrer springt mehrere Meter in der Luft. Im Hintergrund ist die Skyline Frankfurts zu sehen.

50 million more cyclists by 2030 in the European Union alone. The European Cycling Declaration sets out a framework for doubling the number of cyclists in six years. And how does it look in other parts and continents of the world? The Mobility Convention focuses on the question of how we get more people on bikes and where are the most promising growth markets.

Without appropriate legal frameworks, appropriate infrastructure and a radical approach, it will be impossible to increase cycling activity. On EUROBIKE Thursday, industry economic players have the opportunity to meet with cities and government representatives, researchers, journalists and civil society, to identify and implement instruments for sustainability growth. What can cities learn from the industry and vice versa? Which interfaces are required between the players to get more people on bikes in everyday life, and for sport and leisure?

We take a look at the current figures, data and facts in order to deduce the most promising growth strategies. This unique event is open invitation to representatives from industries and cities. If you are involved in company management, marketing, city administration or research, then don’t miss EUROBIKE Thursday.

The Mobility Convention will take place on Thursday, July 4, 2024 between 10:00 and 17:00 on the Yellow Stage and between 12:00 and 13:00 on the Pink Stage, ECOMOBILITY Forum, Hall 8.

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