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Who will win the big cider jug? On the Festival-Saturday, there will once again be exciting bike races in cooperation with the traditional club RSG Frankfurt 1890 e.V.!

A high-caliber international field will be competing in the fixed gear criterium, but the BEMBEL CRIT also has attractive races in its portfolio for the hobby class throughout the FESTIVAL DAY. The challenging circuit promises thrilling sprints to the finish in the middle of the trade fair - the first of many public highlights of the EUROBIKE FESTIVAL DAYS.

Race Programme 2024

  • Amateurs / Elite Amateurs
  • 36 laps (63 km)
  • Mode: Criterium
  • Everyman
  • 15 laps (26.3 km)
  • Mode: Final sprint
  • Everywoman
  • 12 laps (21 km)
  • Mode: Final sprint
  • Young talent / 1st step
  • Mode: Final spurt
  • Youth U17 and Juniors U19
  • 26 laps (45.5 km)
  • Mode: Criterium
  • Fixed m/f
  • 20 laps (35 km)
  • Mode: Final sprint
  • Juniors U19 and elite women
  • 25 laps (43.8 km)
  • Mode: Criterium