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EUROBIKE AWARD exhibiton area (Hall 8, O01)

At the EUROBIKE AWARD, an independent jury of experts honours particularly innovative and high-quality products in the bicycle and ecomobility industry. Over 300 product and project innovations in a total of nine categories were submitted for the EUROBIKE AWARD 2024! 

Together we will celebrate the winning products and companies at the big EUROBIKE AWARD ceremony on Wednesday evening! All award-winning products will be also prominently displayed in the EUROBIKE AWARD exhibition right next to the Ecomobility Forum in Hall 8.

The winners of the EUROBIKE AWARDS 2024

Congratulations to the all 45 winners! The following 9 submissions can be particularly proud about the EUROBIKE AWARD in Gold as well as the two winners of the GREEN and START-UP special award categories.

Discover all the award-winning products and innovations and find out what the jury had to say about the winners!

Ca Go Bike - CS200 Exklusive


The Ca Go CS is more than just a cargo bike – it's an urban utility vehicle designed to effortlessly handle daily tasks. With its innovative design and practical features, it accommodates child seats, beverage crates, and groceries while offering a comfortable riding experience. The Triple Load concept provides versatile storage, and its lower center of gravity ensures stable and agile handling. The Ca Go CS excels as a versatile performer with appealing aesthetics and thoughtful cargo solutions: a smart bike tailored for urban everyday challenges.

Circular logistics GmbH - Müllfreier Fahrradversand

Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_7

The solution from circular logistics GmbH revolutionises bicycle shipping with a zero-waste concept. The innovative, reusable, and foldable bicycle packaging not only reduces waste but also enables efficient tracking and automated returns. The approach impresses with its sustainable ambition and a solution to a pressing environmental issue – a significant step towards a circular economy in the bicycle industry.

Hermann Hartje KG - Tern Orox

Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_5

The Orox redefines the conventional cargo bike concept by offering versatility across all terrains and weather conditions. Equipped with voluminous tires and a strong Bosch motor, it conquers even the most challenging terrain, blending the robustness of a mountain bike, the versatility of a trekking bike, and the practical utility of a cargo bike. Highlighted by its impressive aesthetics and thoughtful details, it excels in handling and performance. Serving as the Land Rover of MTBs, it combines practicality with fun, marking a true innovation in the bicycle industry.

Lax Cycles - LAX Bike

Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_6

The compact LAX Bike meets all expectations for a practical cargo bike and even exceeds them: with a lightweight, robust steel frame and excellent handling, it sets standards in the industry.

Noteworthy are its flexibility to adapt to individual needs, optional motor assistance, and its clear design. Despite its compact size, it offers options like a basket for shopping or a rear rack with a child seat. A cool bike that's a pleasure to ride.

Orbea - Diem 10

Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_9

Diem is an outstanding city e-Bike that combines safety, comfort, and precision with its patented frame design, Diamond-Glide technology, and SBS battery system. Its futuristic shifting system and exceptional design make it a standout in urban environments.

Setting standards for passive safety, it features integrated surround lighting. Beyond its technical sophistication, the Diem also exemplifies social responsibility: As a cooperative enterprise, more than half of the company is owned by its employees.

Riese & Müller - Carrie vario

Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_2

The compact and modular design of the Cargo Bike Carrie makes it extremely versatile and adaptable. The foldable and lockable Flex Box provides ample storage space for up to two children or groceries. With a frame made from 81% ASI-certified recycled aluminum and accessories that are easy to disassemble, clean, and repair, this bike exemplifies circular design and sustainability.

The Carrie impresses with its excellent concept, high-quality craftsmanship, and outstanding functionality. It serves as a versatile city transformer that meets the needs of its users effectively.


Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_1

Every component of the SRAM RED AXS, the lightest electronic road groupset, has been optimized to deliver an exceptional riding experience. Its new lever design enables optimized braking and ergonomic comfort.

Compared to its predecessor, it saves weight and provides precise shifting, wireless connectivity, and accurate power measurement. With these advancements, the RED AXS has truly raised the bar for top-tier road groupsets.

Ursus Spa - URSUS Invisible Connect R97 with ANS

Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_8

The URSUS R97 IC INVISIBLE CONNECT provides an innovative solution for bicycle stands. Its ability to be variably positioned along the rear chainstay, coupled with the integrated Anti-Noise System, enhances both functionality and stability.

The aerodynamic design and use of recycled materials (over 80%) demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. It's a sleek, high-quality solution that elevates an often overlooked component.

Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau - SON 29 S


The SON 29 S redefines hub dynamo design – its slim build and high power output set new standards in the field. With top-notch quality and optimized performance at low speeds, it meets StVZO regulations for 29-inch wheels.

The integrated spoke mounting and SON coaxial connector provide an elegant solution. Perfectly suited for modern gravel bikes, the SON 29 S is an excellent choice for discerning cyclists.

World Bicycle Relief - Buffalo Bicycle Utility S2

Eurobike 2024_Award_Gold_4

The Buffalo Bicycle Utility S2, developed by World Bicycle Relief and partners such as SRAM, Trek, and Specialized, is more than just a bicycle – it represents a mobility concept for underserved communities.

This robust bike features innovative elements like the AK2 Freewheel System for smooth gear changes, combining reliable technology with purposeful design and a commitment to durability and sustainable materials. 




The Verde KinetiCore helmet excels in sustainability and material reduction: At least 70% of its weight is made from recycled materials, including discarded CDs. An innovative EcoLoc feature allows for easy disassembly and the separate sorting of materials used at the end of its lifecycle.

The helmet is equipped with an excellent ventilation system and is compatible with a winter kit. It's an environmentally conscious helmet that addresses not only protection but also emphasises sustainability.




PIKAPAK offers the world's first parcel backpack, an innovative and sustainable solution for transporting objects or parcels within the city. With minimal material usage and weighing just 150 g, it facilitates flexible transport of items up to a circumference of 1.80 m.

PIKAPAK promotes environmentally friendly urban delivery by enabling car-free distribution – providing an elegant, simple, and above all sustainable solution that has the potential to significantly transform urban transport.


All additional winners of the EUROBIKE AWARD 2024 in alphabetical order.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_4

The YARDO chain lock impresses with innovative fingerprint technology that ensures convenience and security. Its ability to open in seconds without keys or codes, and the capability to store up to twenty fingerprints, makes the lock exceptionally user-friendly and versatile.

The double locking mechanism provides increased protection against tampering, while the silicone cover prevents scratches on the bike. This smart technology combines comfort, functionality, and attractive design into a practical security solution.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_13

The HYP-E helmet from Abus sets new standards for e-bike commuters with its NTA 8776 certification and iconic design. It significantly improves the visibility of users in traffic. Based on a survey, the light is controlled via remote controls on the handlebars and brake lever, making it particularly user-friendly.

The ventilation system, inspired by winter sports, provides year-round comfort. Complemented by a height-adjustable visor with the patented MagneticHub, the HYP-E is a thoughtfully designed and lightweight urban helmet with numerous features that combine sustainability and safety.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_21

The RECO Urban impresses with its innovative and sustainable frame manufacturing using injection moulding process. Made from 100% recyclable material, it combines 40% carbon fibre from the automotive industry with 60% of a high-quality plastic matrix. The sustainable concept is complemented by an appealing design featuring distinctive lines and seamless transitions.

The Bosch Performance SX motor ensures lightweight and comfortable riding, while the belt drive enables low-maintenance mobility. The RECO Urban is an elegantly designed bike that convinces with stability and stylish restraint, shaping the future of urban mobility sustainably.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_9

Bike Matrix's compatibility service is revolutionising the bicycle industry with its seamless integration into POS, eCommerce and workshop platforms. The software checks component compatibility, i.e., spare parts, when selecting a bike and displays suitable options based on ISO standards.

This not only simplifies manual processes, but also promotes sustainability through easier repairs and fewer returns. A helpful tool - for bike and shop owners alike.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_15

The ION Bike Jersey GRDXKN® Scrub Select Jersey impresses with its exceptional durability, which is achieved by a particularly fine-meshed knitting technology. At the same time, strategically placed lightweight protectors printed directly onto the fabric on the shoulders and elbows provide light shock absorption in the event of a fall.

Laser venting holes enable optimum air circulation and prevent overheating. Despite its robustness, the jersey remains lightweight and is therefore ideal for long, fast trails and bike park runs.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_5

The Out4 bicycle trailer impresses with its multifunctionality and use of sustainable materials. Whether used as a mobile exhibition stand, outdoor home office, picnic area, mobile bar, or luggage trailer, Out4 covers a wide range of applications.

Made from 100% waterproof and recyclable Resysta, the trailer combines sustainable mobility with functional aesthetics. Its thoughtful design and versatility make the Out4 an innovative and compelling product.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_19

The Coboc Skye impresses with its elegant and minimalist design language and outstanding craftsmanship. Weighing under 20 kg and staying true to its "Slim Simple Sleek" design DNA, it offers a lightweight, urban e-bike with a wide range of uses.

Outstanding features include the patent-pending magnetic stainless steel charging port cover and the smart communication between Bosch-SX and the Shimano Alfine Di2. This pedelec stands out with its easy handling, coordinated functions, and clean aesthetics, perfectly balancing weight and utility.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_2

The digital bicycle parking garages in the city of Düsseldorf offer a brilliant solution against bicycle theft. The weatherproof and secure bike storage facilities, conveniently located outside one's own doorstep, can be easily booked via an app.

The award-winning design of the parking spaces made from Accoya wood and stainless steel harmoniously blends into the cityscape, while the green roofs are sustainable and bee-friendly. With an 80% utilization rate among the 300 out of 1,000 stations implemented so far, this innovative concept deserves expansion to additional locations.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_14

The folding bike subscription offered by Deutsche Bahn and Brompton sets a new standard in developing sustainable mobility concepts. For 41 euros per month, it allows passengers nationwide to conveniently bring high-quality folding bikes on buses and trains.

The package includes delivery, insurance, and service checks, combining comfort, mobility, and environmental friendliness. The successful implementation of the pilot project and its nationwide rollout promote urban flexibility and sustainable transportation. This innovative, "out of the box" solution represents a promising approach to developing effective mobility models.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_25

The i:SY CAB sliding door impresses with its intelligent design and high-quality finish. It allows easy entry at the touch of a button and makes loading the bike simple and effortless – ideal for children, dogs, or heavy shopping.

The roll bar and raised side and rear walls provide additional protection for passengers. The sustainable construction, using predominantly materials produced in Europe, and assembly in a workshop for people with disabilities, demonstrate i:SY's commitment to ecological and social sustainability.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_26

The i:SY Skyfly E5 ZR F CX stands out for its lightness and sleek, elegant design. Weighing just 18.8 kg, it is one of the lightest compact bikes and remains extremely robust thanks to its carbon frame and fork.

The Shimano Nexus 5-speed hub gear, GATES belt drive, and powerful BOSCH Performance Line CX motor with a 545 Wh battery deliver outstanding performance and agility. The taillight with brake light function and the integrated quick-release with theft protection enhance safety. This is an excellent reinterpretation of the carbon utility bike, offering great maneuverability and effortless riding pleasure due to its low weight.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_30

The MAGURA Integral Braking System (IBS) stands is an outstanding innovation designed to assist especially less experienced riders. By combining the use of front and rear brakes, it reduces braking distance by approximately forty percent. This system ensures smooth deceleration and stabilization of the bicycle, enhancing safety, particularly in hazardous situations.

For cargo bikes like the "Long John," IBS prevents the front wheel from turning sideways even with light loads. Operating without the need for electrical power, this system offers a promising solution to enhance the safety of cargo bikes.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_12

The MOBY "Tap & Ride" system revolutionises bicycle mobility with an innovative bike-sharing system that allows easy booking via credit card and combines the flexibility of free-floating systems with the security of fixed stations.

This innovative system makes bicycle mobility accessible to a wide user base and solves the main issues of implementation into urban infrastructures. With this system, MOBY offers a forward-thinking solution for urban mobility.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_27

As the world's first titanium e-bike with a fully integrated battery in a monocoque design, the Möve Avian combines innovative material and manufacturing techniques into a bike that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A patented joining technology enables clean frame construction with future potential, setting new standards in lightness and robustness. This impressive example of German engineering, sustainable mobility, and thoughtful design makes it an exklusive gravel bike for urban environments and longer tours alike.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_6

In addition to its multifunctionality, the Velo-Sling handlebar and shoulder bag from Ortlieb impresses with its intuitively operated, well-designed, and reinforced roll closure with an innovative magnetic buckle, allowing for quick and easy one-handed operation.

The waterproof 3L bag, made of PU-coated nylon fabric meeting the IP54 standard, can be used both as a lightweight handlebar bag and a practical shoulder bag. The thoughtful design, featuring an internal mesh pocket and daisy chains, ensures flexibility and versatile usage options – even beyond cycling.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_7

The Quick-Rack XL luggage carrier from Ortlieb provides a thoughtful solution for mounting on bicycles with large tires up to 29"/2.6". It can be mounted via an adapter axle or traditional M5 threads.

Particularly robust due to its combination of 10 and 12 mm wide aluminum tubes, the carrier has a maximum load capacity of 27 kg. The QL3.1 system facilitates quick attachment using existing threads in the carrier tubes. This product offers an innovative solution to a common issue with bikes featuring large tires.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_22

This children's bike offers an intelligent solution for young riders who want to take on challenging routes. With its automatic 2-speed hub gears, it makes riding uphill easier and enables a faster pace on flat sections without children having to concentrate on manual gear changes.

Well thought-out and appealing design as well as technical sophistication make it the ideal companion for beginner riders from the age of three.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_16

The foldable E-Scooter Flex sets new standards for ride experience and visibility, particularly impressing with its ultra-compact design. The natural riding position on the scooter ensures even weight distribution and excellent stability as a result.

Innovative features like dynamic turn signals, a 150 lumens headlight, and a brake taillight enhance safety, while a 710 W motor and a range of 25 miles deliver powerful performance. Flex impresses with thoughtful details, compact size, and easy handling.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_20

The Smartfit Q2 is an AI-based, easy-to-use service tool that assists in selecting the correct bike size and setting ergonomic seating positions. Using innovative optical body tracking technology, customers' body measurements are automatically and precisely captured to the millimeter.

The integrated software calculates the appropriate model size and, category-specific, the ergonomically optimal seating position within seconds. This outstanding tool significantly simplifies and enhances customer consultations, ensuring that only perfectly fitted bikes are sold.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_1

The new Range Control feature of the Bosch e-bike Flow app automatically selects the optimum support mode for e-Bike riders based on the route and individual energy requirements. This ensures that users receive exactly the level of support that meets their personal requirements over the entire route.

The app networks the drive unit, battery, display and control unit – allowing the functions of the e-bike to be customised, expanded or maintained. Updates via Bluetooth continuously offer new functions. The Flow app utilises the full potential of the Bosch system and could serve as a model for the range of functions offered by other providers.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_18

The Schwalbe ClikValve sets new standards in bicycle valve technology and impresses with its outstanding, innovative design. Its effortless handling is particularly beneficial for young cyclists: the simple operation with just two fingers and the option to adapt existing valves and pumps using conversion kits are notable strengths of the system.

It's always a challenge to replace established standards, but ClikValve demonstrates that innovations can offer compelling advantages that challenge other systems.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_11

Skarper introduces a groundbreaking innovation in the bicycle industry with its click-on, click-off e-bike drive system. By integrating the patented disc brake, the bicycle is converted into an e-bike without any changes to the frame or wheels – all without compromising performance.

Its tool-free reversibility and easy handling make it a modular retrofit solution with significant potential. Overall, it represents a true innovation in the industry.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_28

The Smith Hardline Carbon DH helmet impresses with its low weight of just 910 g and contemporary features. The lightweight carbon shell with full Koroyd cover and the Mips safety system offer maximum impact protection.

Special features such as the collarbone impact protection zone, the adjustable, tear-off visor and the washable padding set with quick-release cheek pads ensure comfort and an optimum fit. A stylish helmet with innovative functions, ideal for the toughest downhill routes.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_8

The holistic E-MTB system SRAM Eagle Powertrain impresses with its optimal integration of drive and gearing. Featuring Auto and Coast Shift, the system offers innovative functions that enhance the riding experience. Particularly impressive is its ability to shift precisely even under load, along with the user-friendly wireless control via the AXS Pod Controller.

Through the SRAM AXS App, the Eagle Powertrain can be configured and customized to individual preferences. Overall, it's a well-thought-out system that is powerful, robust, and intuitive to operate.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_23

The Exo-Core Tubeless Valve developed by Stan's enables smooth airflow and unrestricted sealant application when setting up tubeless tires, impressing with meticulous construction.

The valve's easy maintenance and cleaning provide significant convenience for both riders and mechanics. This innovative tool offers a thoughtful and effective solution to common issues such as blocked valves or cumbersome handling.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_17

The headlight system of the SUPERNOVA MINI 3 Series impresses with innovative lens technology and a homogeneous light pattern spanning approximately ten meters in width. Integrated light guides and intelligent light automation that switches between low beam and daytime running light enhance the safety of cyclists.

The high beam delivers over 1000 lumens, while the low beam offers 500 lumens, both providing impressive performance. With a five-year warranty and repairability guaranteed for at least ten years, the series ensures long-term reliability. Overall, it's a highly crafted and very compact front light system that offers everything one could desire.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_31

The DJI AVINOX Drive System sets new standards in the E-MTB world, impressing with its performance and innovative integration of individual components. Featuring 105 Nm of torque and an 800 Wh battery, it is perfectly suited for demanding rides. Its lightweight construction and advanced features such as multiple sensors, continuous coupling, six motion modes, LTE connectivity, OLED touchscreen, and GPS for ride logs ensure impressive performance.

Smart assistance and ride personalisation via an app make the system a serious contender against established E-motor systems, establishing SZ DJI Technology as a manufacturer that excels through innovation and quality.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_24

TRP VISTAR is setting new standards in bicycle technology with the innovative integration of a 2-speed internal gear hub into a 12-speed group based on a 1x architecture. The cooperation with Classified Cycling has resulted in a solution that retains the advantages of 2x systems while integrating state-of-the-art wireless shifting protocols, powerful hydraulic disc brakes and advanced material selection and using the 2-speed gear hub.

This solution is highly efficient and takes into account both road and gravel dynamics. An outstanding idea, excellently realised, and an unprecedented collaboration!

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_3

The Spinshift GORE-TEX jacket offers excellent protection, comfort, and unrestricted freedom of movement. Thanks to its sleek fit, based on innovative body-mapping, it feels like a second skin when worn.

Particularly noteworthy is the new, thin, lightweight, and PFC-free GORE-TEX material, which keeps the "Guaranteed To Keep You Dry" promise and meets the Shakedry standard – all without harmful environmental drawbacks. An all-around fantastic jacket for everyday use.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_29

The Ladelux is a compact and lightweight system, with its charging electronics and buffer battery fully integrated into the headlight housing. It generates up to 12 Watts of power via the hub dynamo and even allows charging a smartphone while the light is on.

The high beam function is available at any speed thanks to the buffer battery. Its high-quality aluminum construction, stylish front headlight, and innovative features such as the inductive switch and magnetic socket complete this compelling product. Typical of SON's high quality, made in Germany.

Eurobike 2024_Award_Winner_10

The innovative full-service solution WUNDERFiX specifically addresses the challenges of customer support in online bicycle shipping. With a software solution, mechanics can provide digital assistance for problem diagnosis or self-repair, and, if necessary, connect customers with local workshops.

This reduces wait times, customer dissatisfaction, and returns. Especially in direct sales, the system offers an excellent solution for end customers and is an option for anyone with little technical background.


The EUROBIKE AWARDS 2024 are chosen by an independent panel of judges The panel is composed of international experts from the bike, mobility, and design sectors. 


Sabine Spitz rode her first mountain bike race at the age of 21 in 1993 in her local Black Forest region – and then went on to enjoy a successful career in the sport. She’s won pretty much every mountain bike race event going and is Germany’s first and only Olympic champion, world champion and European champion. Sabine Spitz ended her professional career at the mountain bike marathon world championships in September 2019. She now supports mountain bike athletes as a coach and trainer and is a mountain bike commentator for Eurosport/ Discovery+.


Passionate cyclist and mother of three children, Maike Larschow used to ride downhill and can now be mostly found out on a road her gravel bike. She’s a sales manager with bike retailer Rad & Sport Cuxhaven, which was founded in 1993.


Daniel Rese studied integrated design at the University of Art and Design Offenbach (HfG Offenbach) and is a designer and founder of the ‘radraum’ bike drop-in centre in Offenbach am Main.

During his studies at HfG Offenbach, he started freelancing in multi-modal mobility, architecture, digital systems, and industrial design. 

He’s a research associate at both HfG Offenbach and the Offenbach Institute für Mobility Design. As such, he supports the Integrated Design departments, supervises seminars, and works for the institute on future-proof mobility research projects. In addition to his focus on mobility and his passion for cycling, Daniel is convinced that integrated design should be implemented in all areas of society.


Christian Zanzotti heads up the Zanzotti Industrial Design studio that he founded in 2013 in a former a former machine shop in the creative quarter of Munich. The studio is involved in a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from automotive and mobility to furniture, consumer goods and lifestyle products, and includes orders for international clients such as Audi, Deutsche Telekom or UNU Motors. It also produces its own limited-edition items. Zanzotti Industrial Design conducts regular in-house development work and design studies to explore the status quo in materials and manufacturing technologies, which in turn form the basis for cutting-edge product development.


While at school and university in Weimar, Bielefeld and Leipzig, David Koßmann was already working in various bike shops. Following a successful work placement, he became a professional bike writer in 2008, starting out with pressedienst-fahrrad (pd-f) in Göttingen as a sub-editor. While he was there, he co-founded ‘fahrstil’ Germany’s first ever bike culture magazine in 2010, and has been editor-in-chief ever since. He also works as editor, author, translator, and proof-reader for pd-f, velonauten and


Warren Rossiter is BikeRadar and Cycling Plus magazine's senior technical editor for road and gravel. He’s been testing bikes for more than 20 years and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of road cycling. For over a decade, he’s been the mastermind behind the BikeRadar Road Bike of the Year test. Warren is also a regular presenter on the BikeRadar Podcast and on BikeRadar’s YouTube channel. In his time as a cycling journalist, Warren has written for Mountain Biking UK, What Mountain Bike, Urban Cyclist, Procycling, Cyclingnews, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike and T3. Over the years, Warren has written about thousands of bikes and tested more than 2,500 – from budget road bikes to five-figure superbikes. He has covered all the major innovations in cycling this century, and reported from launches, trade shows and industry events in Europe, Asia, Australia, North American and Africa. While Warren loves fast road bikes and the latest gravel bikes, he also believes electric bikes are the future of transport. You’ll regularly find him commuting on an e-bike and he longs for the day when everyone else follows suit.


After studying engineering at Chemnitz  Technical University, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hübler started working as a design engineer with MZ Engineering GmbH and was involved motorbike framebuilding and overall vehicle development. He then returned to Chemnitz Technical University to work as a research associate in conveyor systems and logistics. In 2013, he completed his PhD in drive technology, which underlines his interest in advanced research in this area. During this time, he co-founded ZPmoto GmbH, where he was a partner and development director. His focus here was the development of ZPsport and providing consultancy to bike manufacturers for concept and development.

In 2017, he became professor for intelligent machine systems at Mittweida University, where he leads specialisation in micromobility on the mechanical engineering programme. Research teams in this area work on sustainable future mobility solutions, innovative electromotive drive systems and their integration in frame structures, and sensory integration in machine parts using additive manufacturing.

Since September 2021, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hübler also heads up the Steinbeis Transfer Center Climate-Neutral Micromobility (CNM), which promotes and advances innovations and strategies primarily in the bike mobility sector.

Parlamentarischer Abend der Verbände der Fahrradwirtschaft (BVZF, VSF und ZIV)

Dirk Zedler is founder and managing director of the Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH (Institute for bike technology and safety) As a chartered engineer, he is also a publicly appointed and sworn expert for bikes and e-bikes (IHK Stuttgart), and a member of the Chamber of industry and Commerce (IHK) panel of examiners and deputy chairman of Zukunft Fahrrad e.V.

Since it was founded in 1993, he has been working to promote professionalism in the bike industry and improve the status of bicycles and pedelecs.

“To win a EUROBIKE Award as an e-scooter manufacturer is a clear indication that the bike industry views itself as a holistic future mobility industry."


Submission Documents


Overview key dates:

Submission closing date:         24 April 2024, 23:59 (CET)

Pre-selection:                             02 May 2024

Expert panel meeting:               06 & 07 June 2024

Award ceremony:                       03 July 2024


You can enter your products and projects in nine different categories for the EUROBIKE AWARD – Bikes, E-Bikes, Lightweight Electric Vehicles up to 45km/h, Electric Vehicles , Components, Accessories, Clothing and Accessories, Digital Solutions, Concepts, Mobility Solutions and Infrastructure. It is also possible to enter prototypes and one-off pieces for the award.

You’re a start-up? Even better, we support you with discounted participation rates!

You’ll find all the information you need in the submission documents.


Bikes, E-Bikes, Lightweight Electric Vehicles up to 45km/h, Electric Vehicles , Components, Accessories, Clothing and Accessories, Digital Solutions, Concepts, Mobility Solutions and Infrastructure. It is also possible to enter prototypes and one-off pieces for the Award.

Entries are evaluated by the eight members of the expert panel according to the following criteria:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Workmanship and choice of materials
  • Sustainability

Designers, developers, manufacturers, start-ups and importers in the bike and mobility industries may enter their new products and innovations – regardless of whether they are exhibiting at EUROBIKE 2024 or not.



A renowned jury of experts from the bike and mobility industry evaluated over 300 submitted products based on the degree of innovation, functionality, sustainability, design as well as processing quality and material selection.

Congratulations to the 45 winners! In particular, 9 entries received the EUROBIKE Award in Gold as well as the two winners of the GREEN and START-UP Awards.


Do you have questions regarding the EUROBIKE AWARD 2024? We will be happy to help you!

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