Designing the future of mobility


30 Mar 2022

With the new format of the EUROBIKE CONVENTION – Designing the future of mobility, for the very first time we are organising a platform for a specialist exchange of ideas on cycling and beyond to include all actors.

Conferences are a logical addition to the exhibition topics and a key element of the new EUROBIKE. They seize on the topical issues, challenges and offers of all stakeholders in the green transport transformation and forward them to important target groups.
The new format of the EUROBIKE CONVENTION will bring together participants from politics, administration and the civil society to discuss how the mobility of the future can be implemented. By taking an interdisciplinary view, we are seeking solutions that will make bicycles, e-bikes and LEVs into an accepted means of transport on an equal footing with the other forms. We are looking to change our culture of mobility and force the pace of development for the necessary infrastructure and the urban environment as the “city of efficient journeys and fast access”.

As from 2022, the EUROBIKE CONVENTION will take place in Hall 8 in the Future Mobility Forum, a conference landscape established in Hall 8 with three stages alongside tried and tested formats such as the Start Up & Innovation Day, the Cargo Academy and the Travel Talk.

The following thematic blocks take centre stage:

Designing the city of tomorrow


What new aspects of legal and planning design does a city need to make it suitable for bikes and LEVs. What role can the bicycle trade or new stakeholders in the market assume? What form do the real laboratories of cooperation for the city of the future take?

Company mobility: a catalyst for transforming transport


How can we redesign commuter traffic? How can we provide the right mentality and culture? What form do the initial attempts and prototypes for collaboration in company mobility look like?

Local mobility interfaces


What role does the bike play in local mobility? How do we ensure that it remains part of micromobility? How do we fulfil our mobility promise from the user’s perspective? What role do interfaces adopt in relation to the digitisation and infrastructure of micromobility?

The EUROBIKE CONVENTION is the logical supplement to the BIKE BIZ REVOLUTION – Conference for Visionaries. In 2022, too, this will again become a firm constituent of the EUROBIKE week and will take place on 12 July 2022. This is where the key stakeholders from all areas of the bicycle industry will come together with selected experts and explore the changes and challenges of tomorrow’s mobility.