City - Space - Mobility - Architecture at EUROBIKE 2023

21 Apr 2023

Public space fulfills a variety of functions. Gastronomy and trade go about their business, markets, but also demonstrations stand for a lively cityscape. The areas between buildings in the city are also green and recreational spaces, people meet and move, play sports and games. Finally, public space is used for locomotion: mobility, especially car traffic, takes up a particularly large amount of space in our metropolises.

The different functions and many stakeholders evoke a great variety of different needs. Reconciling all of them is becoming a pressing design issue, especially against the backdrop of major trends such as climate neutrality, the mobility revolution and scarce living space. How do we find the balance between green and traffic areas, how do we think about mobility concepts, delivery and parking zones, also for cyclists, when buildings, neighborhoods, communities are being rebuilt and redeveloped? And what about rural areas, which are currently still heavily dependent on traffic jams and ecologically inefficient car traffic?

In the context of bicycle mobility, many new tasks await urban and open space planners and architects. After all, a good and people-centered design of urban space is fundamental for livable cities; it creates pleasant and usable spaces and improves identification with the place.

The EUROBIKE Conference Program

As the central platform of the bike and future mobility universe, we integrate topics at the interface of mobility and architecture into the conference program around EUROBIKE from June 20-25, 2023 at Messe Frankfurt.

National Cycling Congress 20. and 21. June 2023


KAP Europa, Congress Center of the Frankfurt Trade Fair

The National Cycling Congress (NRVK), Germany's most important specialist congress for experts from planning practice, politics, science and business, as well as from clubs and associations, will kick things off. The NRVK is organized by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) and the Hessian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and Housing (HMWEVW) in cooperation with the City of Frankfurt am Main and for the first time in the temporal and spatial environment of the world's leading trade fair for the bicycle industry EUROBIKE.


EUROBIKE CONVENTION June 21, 2023, 1:25 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.


Future Mobility Forum, Hall 8, Messe Frankfurt

The EUROBIKE CONVENTION's motto is "Smarter Tomorrow." What does the digital revolution bring in terms of change in urban, spatial and neighborhood planning, including safety and accessibility? What contribution can smart production processes make in a smart industry in order to operate more sustainably and conserve resources?


START-UP & INNOVATION DAY June 22, 2023, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Future Mobility Forum, Hall 8, Messe Frankfurt

Finally, START-UP & INNOVATION DAY links young and established companies and municipalities for the creation and strengthening of resilient, climate-neutral and connected cities that are livable and inclusive. Because smart, digital systems are solving tomorrow's mobility problems today.