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10:00h - 17:00h

Halle 8 - Future Mobility Forum, Yellow Stage 



Cycling Industries Sustainability Panel at Eurobike 2023

The cycling industry is facing new and unprecedented challenges in the field of sustainability. We are confronted with climate emergency and environmental crisis, on top of shifting global economic and political trends. New EU policy developments are requiring companies to conform to new international standards on transparency and traceability, including batteries, critical raw materials, packaging, carbon tariffs, and digital services. Ambitious, stricter rules on environmental reporting and performance are swiftly changing the regulatory landscape.

How can we tackle the challenges and navigate in the changing regulatory landscape? How can we work together as an industry and take action?

Many companies aspire to be at the forefront of the green transition, working hard to come up with solutions. Come and join the debate at the Cycling Industries Sustainability Panel!


What Description
Launch of Guidelines to the German Sustainability Code (DNK) for the Bicycle Industry The German bicycle associations ZIV German Bicycle Industry, Verbund Service & Fahrrad (VSF) Zukunft Fahrrad and BikeBrainPool are excited to present their Guidelines to the German Sustainability Code (DNK) for the Bicycle Industry. The guidelines will help companies from the bicycle industry to report about their sustainability activities and to develop a sustainability strategy.
Launch of Cycling Industry Climate Pledge and Step to step CO2 Footprint and LCA Guidelines The Cycling Industry Sustainability Expert Group, jointly run by CIE and CONEBI, will launch an industry-wide Climate Pledge calling on companies to measure their carbon footprint and take individual action to lower their CO2 emissions. The pledge is accompanied by step-to-step guidelines to support their CO2 measurement and alleviation journey.
Presentation of the prototype on a European platform for sustainable materials by VeloLAB VeloLAB is an innovation platform funded by the German Ministry for Digital & Transport and the bicycle industry. Aiming for a more sustainable and circular bicycle, the platform for sustainable materials combines boosting innovation and sustainability.
The Big Sustainability Panel: How to tackle the new and unprecedented challenges our industry is facing? Detailed program and speakers will be announced soon.


To take part in the event you can register here.


Following the announcement of the sustainability guideline, presentations on the topic of sustainability in the bicycle industry will be held in the FUTURE MOBILITY FORUM. In addition, there will be Sustainability Workshops in the EUROBIKE HUB throughout the whole day.
Innovation and future perspectives are in demand. From circular economy to recycling requirements to sustainable supply chains, the Sustainability Track will provide insights into the future of micromobility. Speakers will show the way to a better future by making the bike industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Programme at the EUROBIKE Hub



10:00-10:45 EPR -Compliance 2023: New challenges 2023 for the bike industry regarding WEEE, battery and packaging compliance worldwide (English)
Sascha Heinz (Go4Recycling) Due to new legislations and new obligations in the fields of WEEE, batteries and packaging the extended producer responsibility (EPR) becomes an increasingly important aspect when manufacturing and selling E-Bikes, bikes and bike components. The legal framework for this responsibility is set by international environmental obligations which are mainly based on EU directives that have been adopted and transposed into national laws by each member state individually. This means a big challenge for international bike producers/distributors and dealers…
11:00-11:45 How can we reduce our dayily emission rates? A comparative and interactive consumption analysis (English)
Victor Zichó A comparative and interactive analysis of our daily consumption caused emissions. We have a look at the GHG emission rates of different transportation methods, our diet, the way we heat our spaces and the stuff we buy.
12:00-12:45 E-bike batteries in a circular economy (Englisch)
Erik Bronsvoort
(Circular Cycling) and Luuk de Leeuw (Swapfiets)

E-mobility will drive demand for battery capacity like never before. With a e-bike battery lifetime of 2-5 years, it will also lead to a waste problem like never before.
Join this interactive lecture to learn from one of the biggest fleet owners Swapfiets, and to re-think the e-bike to make sure the bike industry is ready for the challenges ahead: meeting growth expectations in times of increasing resource scarcity, regulation, prices & customer expectations. 

14:00-14:45 Best practice for sustainable supply chains in the bicycle industry (German)
Klaus Wiesen (sustainabill) sustainabill is the leading platform solution for sustainable supply chains in the bike industry. In the workshop, you will discover how sustainabill enables efficient collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers and helps to create transparency at all stages of the supply chain to minimize sustainability risks and achieve improvements. 
15:00-15:45 TBA
N.N. N.N.
16:00-16:45 Fighting the plastic flood: How the use of biologically compostable materials in products and packaging can help (English)
Jayu Yang (GRØNBLÅ) Microplastics are an urgent environmental issue that received increasing attention. A promising solution is the use of biologically compostable materials in products and packaging. However, the green commitment often ends at the lack of disposal options. GRØNBLÅ has gone further with new solutions for sustainable decomposition processes and a new approach to waste management of bio-plastics.




14:00-14:45 Less is more: How to downsize your carbon footprint and boost productivity (English)
Sondre Norland (Bike Folder) Consuming less doesn’t mean less profit. Increase a bicycle’s lifespan and service demands rise. Reduce paper waste with easily accessed digital user manuals and add the savings to your bottom line. Empower shops with the tools to take an active role in the circular economy and help them gain and maintain new customers.
15:00-15:45 Local cargo bike sharing (German)
Mathias Biemann, Jörn Strüber, Anja Zeller (VCD Hessen) Tips and hints on how volunteers or local municipalities can offer free cargo bike sharing: Funding, Cooperation, digital background
16:00-16:45 A circular bicycle: How does this work? (German)
Nikolaj Mosch (Mosch Bikes) Everyone supports the traffic turnaround and an intact environment, but the bicycle still ends up in the garbage. Man has the knowledge and the possibilities to say goodbye to resolve the garbage problem. The decisive factor here is ourselves, and not the technical possibilities. If we allow ourselves to change perspective, we can achieve anything.


Get to know our speaker

Sascha Heinz - Go4Recycling

Sascha Heinz is co-founder and CEO of Go4Recycling a environmanetal advisory company from Cologne. Sascha has worked in different positions in the recycling industry for the last 20 years. The comapny Go4Recycling is environmenatl advisor in the areas of international EPR-legislation for WEEE/E electronics, batteries and packaging.

Further information on Go4Recycling can be found here.

Erik Bronsvoort - Circular Cycling

Erik is the founder of Circular Cycling. He wrote the book ’From Marginal Gains to a Circular Revolution’, a practical guide to creating a circular cycling economy. Erik has worked with numerous bicycle companies on re-thinking their business models and designs.

Further information on Circular Cycling can be found here.

Victor Zichó

Victor is an energy engineer and extreme sports athlete. He aims to raise awareness about sustainability with his bike & climb expeditions. He feels responsible to share thoughts about our collective emission rates to mitigate climate change.

Further information on Victor Zichó can be found here.

Klaur Wiesen - sustainabill 

Klaus Wiesen is co-founder and CEO of sustainabill. He is responsible for the strategic positioning and business development. Before founding sustainabill, he was a team leader at the Wuppertal Institute, a leading international think tank for practice-oriented sustainability research.

Further information on sustainabillcan be found here.

Sondre Norland - BikeFolder

Sondre gained his 360° view of the bike industry as a shop owner, product designer, and brand owner.
He conceived BikeFolder to sustain the health and future of bikes from initial sale to the 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th owner. By digitizing a bike’s past, BikeFolder revitalizes its present and its future.

Further information on Bike Folder can be found here.

Nikolaj Mosch - Mosch Bikes

Nikolaj Mosch has been in bicycle business for 25 years. In 2019 he and his wife started a bicycle upcycling project. In four years of work, a bicycle concept was created that focuses on people and nature and works in a circular manner, with the exception of a few (plastic) parts.

Further information on Mosch Bikes can be found here.

Jayu Yang - GRØNBLÅ

Co-Founder and CEO of GRØNBLÅ with over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the bike industry as CEO at Haro Bikes or Kenstone Metal Company. Realizing that the use of bikes contribute to a green environment, but not their manufacturing. She founded GRØNBLÅ in 2021 to eliminate micro-plastics from the waste stream from the bike industry.

Further information on GRØNBLÅ can be found here.

Anja Zeller - VCD Hessen 

Anja Zeller is political state executive director of the VCD Hessen and teaches at the Hochschule Karlsruhe at the professorship for cycling. She has always been sustainably mobile: without a car, but mostly on two wheels. 

Further information on the VCD Hessen can be found here.

Mathias Biemann - VCD Hessen 

Mathias Biemann is part of the state board VCD Hessen & spokesman of the VCD regional group Rhine-Main. He is the initiator of the free cargo bike sharing service "Main-Lastenrad" in Frankfurt and Offenbach and strongly advocates for pedestrian networks in cities.

Further information on the VCD Hessen can be found here.

Jörn Strüber - VCD Hessen 

Jörn Strüber is board member of the VCD Darmstadt and initiator of the bike-sharing offer Heinerbike in Darmstadt.

Further information on the VCD Hessen can be found here.


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Katja Richarz

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