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Eurobike 2024: New Strategic Partnership with Retailers

18 Jun 2024

Forward-looking keynotes and top-tier networking

Frankfurt am Main – Strategic partnerships help Eurobike attract new target groups and connect existing target groups at Eurobike. As part of the Eurobike trade visitor program, specialized conferences for specialist retailers and e-commerce will also take place. These are presented and curated by strong partners from the respective sectors.

Mobility goes Digital Commerce – curated by BVDW

Together with the German Digital Media Association (BVDW), a strong partnership was forged for this year's Eurobike. On Friday, July 5, the BVDW will present the Digital and E-Commerce conference of the bicycle sector. A format for all D2C brands, e-commerce players and those who are looking to further develop their own brand's business model. Here, digital commerce is more broadly positioned and understood – from retail media to ESG requirements. Themes will be examined by experts from digital media who bring the added value of an outside perspective and insights from their specific sectors. Maria Kristalinskaya, Head of Retail Media at adevinta, sheds light on how platform, D2C and store-based retailing can mesh together. Dennis Götze from Marketing of Moments unites the topics of Retail Media and Digital out of Home, Stephan Noller poses the provocative question of corporate ESG and CSRD readiness, while Frank Wichmann from the BVDW provides the framework for the event. Carsten Rasner, Managing Director of the BVDW, says: "Digital business models and the use of data are now especially relevant in every industry and sector. We are pleased to be part of Eurobike to provide visitors with a close-up look at the diversity of digital media and the added value of data use."

Retail: Sales & Services (Friday, July 5)

Trade magazine SAZ Bike and trade association VSF will be presenting the conference for specialist bicycle retailers. Specialist bicycle retailers form the hinge between customers and industry. Like no other player in the ecosystem, they represent the industry to cyclists, setting the course for the mobility transition as well as for the economic success of the sector through their servicing offering and sales services. Retail consultant Florian Schöps, for example, will shed light on the biggest challenges in specialist retailing and look at solutions – from recruitment to digitalization. Marylin Repp from Retail Garage will address the transformation of retailing, and look at the similar transformation in consumer behavior. She will be presenting examples of the successful application of gamification and virtual reality, drawing parallels with sports retailing and examining the crucially important topic of community(-ies). "At Eurobike, we have always brought together the bicycle industry and specialist retailers, and this interaction is more relevant than ever. The professional and economically well-positioned specialist retailers form the backbone of the sector and are an important building block for getting more people to embrace cycling," explains fairnamic Managing Director Stefan Reisinger.

Fine mobility for retailers

An expanded partnership with the Hessian Trade Association strengthens the trade fair as a platform for networking, knowledge transfer and promotion of sustainable innovations in retail. This is reflected in the conferences of the trade visitor program, but also in trade fair tours and networking events.

The Ecomobility Talk on Thursday, July 4, will focus on small, economical commercial vehicles, which are becoming more and more compelling for urban retailers in particular: whether in logistics, for errand runs or as part of daily work. As part of the "" campaign, the trade association supports this transformation. Sven Rohde, Managing Director of the Hessian Trade Association, adds: "Bicycle dealers in Hesse have seen demand for bicycles and bicycle accessories increase in recent years. Bicycle specialty stores are becoming more popular, with young people under 30 in particular buying bicycle accessories. The use of bicycles as a means of transport in inner cities has also been increasing for years. As part of our location monitor, we found that more than half of city visitors attach importance to good, extensive cycle paths, especially in the big cities, where the figure reaches 70 percent. As a trade association, we welcome this development."

About Eurobike:

Eurobike is the central platform for the bike and ecomobility universe. Together with visionaries from politics, business, society and the mobility industry, it creates space for communication, new ideas, change of perspective, and strong partnerships for innovative mobility solutions and new business models. With Eurobike, the booming and rapidly changing bicycle and future mobility industries have found a common platform. It sets new standards and identifies key topics in the areas of sports, leisure, health and mobility, makes continuous progress and brings the global community together live. The 32nd Eurobike will take place on the grounds of Messe Frankfurt from Wednesday, July 3 to Sunday, July 7, 2024. For more information, go to:

About fairnamic GmbH:

With the founding of fairnamic GmbH, the trade show companies Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen are sealing a partnership focusing on innovative mobility. The market position in the future markets of bicycles, e-bikes, ecomobility and general aviation is strengthened by pooling expertise and market knowledge, global positioning, brand strength and speed. The joint venture focuses on the Eurobike and AERO brands and their satellites. The objective is to expand and further develop the two leading trade shows. For more information, go to: