Everything you need to know about one of the most popular bikes this season!

The gravel bike is the bike of the season: It combines the speed of the road bike with the off-road capabilities of the mountain bike and is so much more than just a lazy compromise. Sales figures have been rising rapidly for several years. This applies to both entry-level models and high-tech bolides. For some, the gravel bike is a vehicle for freedom away from closed-off race tracks and trails, while for others it is a competitive device for gravel races and self-support races.

The meaning of the gravel bike for the bicycle industry and which opportunities it offers is the topic of the second episode of our EUROBIKE Insights. Bike genre, race format or lifestyle - gravel is here to stay. Gunnar Fehlau, gravel fan and industry expert from pressedienst-fahrrad, is sure of that. Furtrhermore Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht will welcome Holger Röthig, manager of Kultum GmbH. Head of Eurobike Stefan Reisinger will give an outlook on how the topic will be displayed at Eurobike show in September. The bike community can also get involved in the format and submit questions to the panel until May 18.