Light electric mobility on the rise


22.06.2023 & 23.06.2023

Hall 8, Future Mobility Forum, Pink Stage & Academy Stage


Light Electric Mobility is not only focussed on bicycles but a wide rage of electric vehicles from hoverboards to electric scooters, electro mini cars, segways and many more. The LEV industry is growing exponentially and especially the last years have shown that LEV's are serious mobility option to overcome distances. 

Next to the LIGHT ELECTRIC MOBILITY AREA in hall 8, you will be able to find engangin insights into the newest trends and developments in the light electric mobility industry in the FUTURE MOBILITY FORUM as well as on the ACADEMY STAGE. 


Thu. 22.06.23 The bicycle and its Neighbours: Ecosystem Fine Mobility

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann

Thursday 22.06.23

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann from the Urban Idea presents a diverse programme with short presentations, interviews and panel discussions to highlight the bicycle and its neighbours. Interesting guests from federal associations, universities and leading companies will discuss how fine mobility can be understood as an ecosystem and how best to implement the trend shift away from cars and towards fine mobility - LEVs, bicycles and micro vehicles.


Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, creative director, The Urban Idea GmbH, Freiburg. Trend-detector, trailblazer, developer, initiator, manager, speaker, author.

City planer and administrative scientist with leading professional stations at the Federal Environmental Agency, the city of Freiburg and the World Cities Association for sustainable development, ICLEI.

He initiated and led the first German model project “Bicycle friendly city” und the “EcoMobility World Festivals” and he coined the term “Umweltverbund”. He is protagonist of fine mobility as mobility on foot and by means of transport in the spectrum between shoe and car".

Fr. 23.06.23 Bundesverband eMobility

Friday 23.06.23
Moderation: Markus Emmert

The presentation of the Bundesverband e-Mobility refers to a number of topics in the field of light electric vehicles. Among other things, new study results will be shown: Light electric vehicles as an underestimated solution for the mobility turnaround in the city AND the country. The background also follows with information on light vehicles - L1e - L7e. Finally, the programme is dedicated to the BEM's list of demands: from funding to infrastructure. Finally, it looks at how to create new things from old, especially how this works in the field of light vehicles "retrofit".




10:00-11:00 eMobile Talk (Talk)
N.N.  With the use of light vehicles in the most diverse fields of application, new challenges arise for the infrastructure. What do the manufacturers and municipalities say and how has the trade positioned itself?
11:00-11:45 Light vehicles - sense or nonsense? (Panel discussion)
N.N.  Using representative surveys, we get to the bottom of the question. What are the demands and requirements for light vehicles and for the actors?
11:45-12:20 Mobile payment for light vehicles (lecture/discussion)
N.N.  Small vehicles also have to charge. Operators of charging points want to/must charge. But how? There are many solutions, but how does it really work?
12:20-12:40 Turning OLD into NEW (lecture/discussion)
N.N.  How old light vehicles with combustion engines are given a second life. Focus: Environmentally conscious and resource-efficient.
12:40-13:00 LEV-eTrailer (lecture/discussion)
N.N.  The trailers of the next generation. How trailers can be towed with payload and still not "add weight".



Katja Richarz

Katja Richarz

Project Manager Congress, Events & Cooperations

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Johannes Schürle

Johannes Schürle

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