EUROBIKE 2022: mobility concept

We can only realise our goal of transforming Frankfurt into the hub for bikes and sustainable mobility if we can run EUROBIKE in the most sustainable manner possible. Travel to and from trade shows is the main source of climate-damaging emissions, alongside exhibition construction and energy supply. This is why we have been focusing our attention on the EUROBIKE mobility concept.

For the EUROBIKE première in Frankfurt, our partner Deutsche Bahn offered discounted ICE train tickets and the chance to win one of 30 ‘#EBxDB enabled by driversity’ full-service prize packages for travel to, from and around the event, show ticket and baggage transfer. Furthermore, free local public transport tickets for the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) area made it easier to travel from within the region, and were also valid for the daily commute to and from the show. Once visitors had arrived in the River Main metropolis, there were also vouchers to use the network of over 2,000 ‘Call A Bikes’. With secure and monitored bike parking on the exhibition grounds and in the city, plus special signposted bike routes, we literally rolled out the red carpet for exhibitors and visitors coming by train and bike. Never has it been so easy to visit the EUROBIKE in a climate-friendly manner, without needing to use a car.

More importantly, the strategy worked – and saw a significant take-up. After analysing entry figures from the turnstiles and use of car parking facilities and bike parking, we could see that over 70% of visitors to the five days of the EUROBIKE show came by bike, on foot, or by train and local transport. This figure far exceeds our expectations and at the same time serves as an incentive to make EUROBIKE 2023 even more sustainable.