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Driven by Heart - Made by Muscle: The thrill of road racing

The supreme discipline in the sport of cycling receives a place of honour at EUROBIKE 2021 – Hall B3 is completely devoted to the road bike. This is where visitors can literally get to grips with the coming season’s trends and innovations – and attend presentations and workshops with experts and professional riders alike.

The need for speed

Tyres hum over the asphalt. A stream of air flows through the helmet. Legs pedal resolutely. No other bicycle converts muscle power into speed as uncompromisingly as the road bike. Thanks to continuing advances, modern road bikes are faster than ever before. You can experience the new developments live in the Roadbike & Performance Area.

Smart lightweight construction

According to UCI regulations, 6.8 kilograms is the minimum weight for a road bike in competition. However, this is by no means the bottom limit of what is possible. High-end materials, clever designs and innovative production methods permit lighter components without sacrificing any stability. Every gram saved can be felt as a power reserve on the mountain. The Roadbike & Performance Area is where renowned brands and visionary start-ups will be presenting their best ideas for weight optimisation.

Technology raises the pace

The modern road bike has long since ceased to be a purely mechanical machine. Electronic gear changing, modern bike computers, power meters and large number of useful gadgets enrich and facilitate the experience of road racing. Connectivity offers previously unimaginable opportunities. The Roadbike & Performance Area is where technology enthusiasts will have a chance to discuss the intricate details with experts, while ambitious athletes will be able to gain an overview of the current state of the art in their search for new personal bests.