The CARGO AREA will once again be a highlight of EUROBIKE!

Following the successful launch of the CARGO AREA in 2018, the topic continues to be relevant and in
many ways already provides an outlook into the urban mobility of tomorrow.


All about cargo bikes

Whether Long John, rickshaw or velocar – transporting people and goods by bike is bang on-trend. The large number of options and concepts is increasingly diverse. User rates are on the up in both town and country. The CARGO AREA at EUROBIKE presents a detailed overview of all the latest developments on this trend topic with expert presentations and podium discussions. 


Cargo bikes are on the increase across Europe. According to a survey by City Changer Cargo Bike, sales were up by 60 per cent in 2019, with ongoing further growth of 53 per cent expected for 2020. The move to sustainable transport and the Corona crisis have also boosted cargo bike sales both for private and business use. This has led to an increase in providers, more products and constantly-improving technology. The EUROBIKE CARGO AREA gives you a clear overview of the latest developments and new models.


Due to their heavier loads, cargo bike frames and components have to be to withstand greater strain. Uniform standards mean greater safety. In Germany, a new DIN standard covering the requirements for cargo bikes was introduced at the beginning of the year. Work on a European-wide ruling is still in progress. In addition, component manufacturers are bringing special cargo products to market, such as brakes and tyres. Find out more about the latest developments.


Sharing is becoming more and more interesting both for private and commercial suppliers. The German government is now supporting this topic with a number of model community projects. It’s important to obtain good advice on how to set up such a scheme. The CARGO AREA provides regions and local municipalities a platform to collect ideas for their  own ideas and projects. Around Lake Constance itself, there are a number of model projects and exciting initiatives – maybe they could be a source of inspiration for other regional or local community projects? Come and find out for yourself!


Earlier this year, the German government changed the road traffic regulations (StVO) to clarify the situation for transporting passengers. Passengers may be carried on bicycles designed for the purpose, providing they are equipped with a suitable seat. This is particularly interesting for older people. These new possibilities are bringing new players to the market. In turn, these companies are offering new and innovative transport solutions. In addition to the well-known rickshaw and velocars, longtail cargo bikes are increasingly conquering the streets. The CARGO AREA will be presenting all the new concepts and talking to the experts.


Die Vorträge von CARGO BIKE @ EUROBIKE ACADEMY auf der EUROBIKE 2021 finden Sie hier.


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