The EUROBIKE stage program that deals with topics related to the mobility transition.


June 24th and June 25th 2023

Hall 8 - Future Mobility Stage, Pink Stage


What constitutes a liveable city? What are our cities planning in terms of traffic management and the mobility transformation? Where can I find information, have my say and become involved? All of these topics will be addressed on the FUTURE MOBILITY STAGE in Hall 8.


Saturday June 24th 2023



10:00-10:45 Book presentation: Radlers Traum Frankfurt
Dr. Matthias Arning Frankfurt is the ideal city for cyclists. But is it really? Much more assessale than Berlin, flatter then Stuttgart and greener than Düsseldorf. If it weren't for all the cars and the biketracks ending nowhere. The book "Radlers Traum" tells of tinkerers & freaks, for whom their bike is "magic matter", and of Frankfurt's buried traditions: Frenetic bike races in the Palmengarten, practice laps in the magnificent "Bicycle Club" and bike production under the slogan "Frankfurt cyclists ride eagles". Stories to hold on to. On the way to becoming the bicycle city of Frankfurt
11:00-11:30 Cargobike Advice 
Hinnerk Beetz Insight into the diversity of cargobikes. Further information can be found here
12:00-13:30 Award Show Stadtradeln 
Wolfgang Siefert - Department for mobility and health, Leader mobility Wolfang Siefert guides through the award ceremony of this years Stadtradeln. The prices and winners will be announced in many different categories. Further information will follow shorty 
14:00-15:30 Panel zur Verkehrswende der Stadt Frankfurt
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Sunday June 25th 2023



10:00-10:30 Cargobike Advice
Hinnerk Beetz Insight into the diversity of cargobikes. Further information can be found here
12:00-13:00 Cycling Without Age 
Natalie Chirchietti & Caroline Kuhl -
Cycling Without Age
Cycling without age is committed to the participation of people with limited mobility in social life and against the loneliness and social isolation of older people. The initiative Radeln ohne Alter is convinced that life can and should be full of joy even in old age and therefore undertakes voluntary rickshaw rides with senior citizens who live at home or in senior citizen and care facilities.
Across Germany, there are now over 130 Radeln ohne Alter locations. Since 2019, the umbrella organization Radeln ohne Alter Deutschland e.V. has been supporting interested individuals, municipalities, senior citizen facilities or associations to establish their own Radeln ohne Alter location. You don't need a ready-made plan for this. Not everyone has to reinvent the wheel. For this a Radeln without age hand tool was provided. They have interest and would like to experience more to the initiative? You can find more information at or 
15:00-16:00 A Superblock for Frankfurt-Bockenheim 
Mathias Biemann - VCD Hesse How can we successfully implement the traffic abatement in living quarters or in other parts of the city? No means of transportation will be excluded, the priorities will simply shift. Mathias Biemann introduces the plans for Frankfurt-Bockenheim. 


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Speaker Future Mobility Stage

Mathias Biemann - VCD Hessen 

Mathias Biemann is member of the state executive committee of the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD), speaker for the VCD regaional group Rhein-Main in Hessen and he lives in Frankfurt am Main.

Hinnerk Beetz -

Hinnerk Beetz is a trained designer and bicycle enthusiast who studied cultural studies. For everyday transports he uses various self-built cargo bikes, which he shares with his bicycle workshop collective founded in 2011. Since summer 2022 he has been working at, where he is in charge of the Cargobike Roadshow, among other things.

Natalie Chirchietti & Caroline Kuhl - Cycling Without Age

Natalie Chirchietti and Caroline Kuhl, founder of Cycling Without Age Germany, and speaker at EUROBIKE 2023 in Frankfurt believe that it is time to take action and to look for solutions, which invite everybody - regardless of age and mobility constraints. As part of a worldwide movement, they work locally on the ground to improve the quality of life of hundreds. Their work builds bridges between generations and reinforces trust, respect and the social glue of the society. The cycle pilots take local elders and care homes residents out on ‘trishaw’ cycle rides to feel the wind in their hair. Those simple rides enable people to experience the city and nature close-up from the bicycle, to regain social connection and for people to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives.

Dr. Matthias Arning

Matthias Arning is author, publicist and cyclist. He lives in Frankfurt and for a long time was an editor for the „Frankfurter Rundschau“. He wrote books like "Radlers Traum“ and „Frankfurt für Anfänger“ (in english "Cyclists Dream" and "Frankfurt for Beginners"). 


Katja Richarz

Katja Richarz

Project Manager Congress, Events & Cooperations

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